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NES version

Title screen
Title screen (Famicon Disk System)
The opening story
Game save screen (Famicon Disk System)
Starting a new game
Located a power up
Some screens scroll horizontally, others vertically
Do you want to go left or right?
Located some missiles
An elevator to a new area
Destroyed an enemy
Don't fall in the lava!
Watch out for the metroids!
This energy tank will increase my maximum health permanently.
These insects emerge from red pipes, in neverending numbers.
Morph into a ball to pass through narrow passages.
You can use bombs to reveal hidden passages.
The ice beam is an interesting weapon. You can freeze enemies, even in midair, and then use them as platforms.
You can only get past this room if you have killed Ridley and Kraid, the mini-bosses.
The wave beam is a powerful weapon.
This monster is called Kraid, and is one of the mini-bosses.
And this is the other mini-boss, Ridley. Use missiles to kill him.
Yes, I found the high jump boots!
Using the screw attack to kill an enemy.
Another hidden passage. There are many of these in this game.
Chased by jumping enemies in Ridley's hideout.
Metroids can only be killed if you first freeze them and then finish them off with a couple of missiles.
The battle against the Mother Brain.
Replaying the game. Samus is not wearing her armor this time.
Dead end... in this time
Now, killing is easy.
Do I see similarity to Mario?