Mickey's Adventures in Numberland Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Story cutscene
Choose your difficulty level
Map screen
You're told what number to collect before the level begins
Starting out in Number City
It appears Mickey is falling down a flight of stairs... worry not though, that's just how he climbs up the stairs in the game
About to collect an item
Sliding down the stair railing
Try not to get hit by the birds
About to collect a number mold
Found a number mold just lying around
Collecting a star
About to exit the level
Bonus score screen
Pick the correct number of stars
Between level intermissions
At the number factory
Put the numbers in sequential order
At the space center
At the number museum
Pete's Hideout opens up after defeating all the other areas
At Pete's Hideout
Mickey after losing all his life hearts
Continue screen
Game Over