Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen #1
Title Screen #2
Non-Mike Tyson Title Screen
The Cast
The Cast #2
Non-Mike Tyson Cast
Glass Joe
Joe Goes Down
Piston Honda - Intro
Piston Honda - Round #1
Some punches can be blocked.
Don Flamenco is dancing with a rose in his mouth before the fight.
The different color on me means that I'm tired and can't fight back.
Flamenco is down for the KO
Hitting Von Kaiser with an uppercut, sending him flying.
King Hippo intimidates
Punch King Hippo in his mouth when he opens it, because that is his only weakness.
King Hippo's pants has dropped. Now is the time to give him a beating!
Many opponents give away some kind of hint before attacking. Great Tiger here, for example, has a diamond in his turban, that flashes before he's going to strike.
Punching Great Tiger in the stomach and getting a star. You need stars to be able to perform uppercuts.
Bald Bull is preparing for his bull-rush attack.
If you manage to punch Bald Bull in the middle of his bull-rush, he goes down in one hit.
Getting a new password. It's used to continue from the same place in a later playing session.
Sidestepping to avoid Soda Popinski's fearsome uppercut.
Soda Popinski is stunned, and I can hit him several times in a row.
Super Macho Man - Intro
Title Fight!
The Dream Fight - Intro
Tyson wins again
"Mr. Dream" replaces Tyson in the re-release.
It's really just Tyson slightly redrawn.
And as a white guy for whatever reason.