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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (36 votes) 3.2

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75 (Jan, 2013)
Paperboy may not entertain as much as the Sunday comics, but it’s a solid arcade translation that doesn’t skimp on the insane.
The controls are adapted well from the arcade’s handlebar controller, with players having to adapt to the constantly moving forward bike, and it maintains the unique twisted tone and quirky sense of humor of that version as well. The graphics and sound aren’t the greatest, but overall it’s a fun ride!
Joystick (French) (Mar, 1991)
En voici donc la version Nintendo qui s'avère être plutôt agréable en fonction d'un jeu qui n'est plus de toute première jeunesse, car sorti depuis fort longtemps aux USA.
HonestGamers (Jan 24, 2005)
Just remember that with work and dedication, you can beat the game. You can show everyone how wonderful it is to buy your newspapers. You can even get your mug plastered across those same papers you have just delivered over the course of the past week. The most fun of all, though, comes from claiming that high score. You see it and remember how you fought for it with blood, sweat and… broken windows.
Just Games Retro (Mar 18, 2007)
Paperboy is one of the more unique arcade games I can remember, getting away from the predominate space fighter or scrolling fighter genres of the 80s. In the game, you play as the Crown Prince of Nambia fighting a pesky troll in arena combat. Of course I'm lying. You play as a paperboy delivering the morning edition from his bike. The arcade cabinet had a set of bike handlebars for a controller (trés chique) as well as an obviously brighter palette of colors and detail. In that sense, the NES cart pales in comparison, and comes off as another lackluster port "crippled" for the home system. But as far as the gameplay and ideas go, they're still there, and still just as fun.
NES Archives (Jul 14, 2007)
The game is decent and many of you may have fond memories of playing this game in the arcade or being a paperboy yourself. If either of these is true grab Paperboy and enjoy it. If you have never played this game you should probably give it a try. It’s nothing special but it in fairly unique and entertaining for a while. However, I must warn you, you may really start to hate skateboarders.
65 (Jul 21, 2011)
Paperboy a véritablement laissé son empreinte dans les salles d’arcade. Qu’en est-il sur NES ? Eh bien, malgré une réalisation qui n’exploite que très peu les capacités de la console, le soft s’avère particulièrement amusant et addictif. Les fans de l’original retrouveront des sensations passées, même si le pad ne remplace pas le guidon de la borne. Les autres découvriront en Paperboy un jeu dont le concept peu répandu vaut clairement le détour.
Paperboy never has been one of my favorite arcade games, but playing it on the NES seems more fun somehow, probably because my expectations are lower, and I don't have to insert a quarter every time I want to play.
Power Play (May, 1991)
Nach Master System und Lynx steuert der "Paperboy" jetzt das Nintendo Entertainment System ab. Diese neue Version ist verblüffend gut: Steuerung und Spielbarkeit sind tadellos; die Grafik geriet eher schlicht, der Sound recht spritzig. Die Mischung aus Zeitungwerfen und Hindernisausweichen ist ganz putzig, auch ein wenig zu simpel.
Video Games (Mar, 1991)
Im Gegensatz zur ebenfalls in dieser Ausgabe getesteten Game-Boy-Umsetzung spielt sich die NES-Version von Paperboy recht gut. Das Ausweichen vor Hindernissen, das Aufpicken von Zeitungsnachschub und die gut getimten Wurfaktionen verlangen viel Fingerspitzengefühl. Außerdem muß man ständig aufpassen, ob man gerade am Haus eines Kunden (Zeitung rein) oder eines Nichtabonnenten vorbeifegt (wirfs Fenster ein). Die Grafik ist schlicht, der Sound besticht durch ein paar tolle Effekte. Paperboy ist ein nettes Spiel, daß zudem für relativ wenig Geld zu haben ist.
Retro Game Reviews (Oct 15, 2015)
Paperboy is certainly a unique and highly memorable game but it's also massively overrated in my book. The thin gameplay mechanics grow tired after a few minutes and the unconventional viewpoint leads to many cheap deaths that will quickly frustrate players.
Mean Machines (Mar, 1991)
I like Paperboy in the arcades, but this ghastly excuse of a conversion is nothing like Atari's classic coin-op. Horrible, tasteless colours and retarded sprites make the game ugly to look at, and the booming tunes and feeble effects are a sick mockery of their arcade counterparts. This could be forgiven if the gameplay was enjoyable, but sadly it's lacking in that department too. A few games are what it takes to get completely annoyed by the slug-like controls and hopeless collision detection, and after that it's time to put paperboy into early retirement.