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Pool of Radiance (NES)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Pool of Radiance Credits


Developed byKunihiko Kagawa
Technical adviceHitoshi Yasuda
Translated byMiyuki Kiyomatsu
Graphic designerSeishi Yokota
Music composed bySeiji Toda
Senior programmerYoshiaki Sakaguchi (Y. Sakaguchi)
Co‑programmerHiromi Sato, Takatsugu Watanabe (T. Watanabe)
Senior ECL programmerMotoki Himi
ECL programmerMasayuki Hirashima (M. Hirashima), Masato Kobayashi, Yukihiro Goto
Graphic coderHideyuki Furuhashi (H. Furuhashi)
Music programmerHironari Tadokoro (H. Tadokoro)
Music coderYoshiyuki Ishii
Presented byPony Canyon Inc.
SSI developersDaniel Cermak, Nicholas Beliaeff

STAFF (Japanese Version)

DEVELOPED BYKunihiko Kagawa (かがわ くにひこ)
TECHNICAL ADVICE BYHitoshi Yasuda (やすだ ひとし)
TRANSLATED BYMiyuki Kiyomatsu (きよまつ みゆき)
GRAPHIC DESIGNER BYSeishi Yokota (よこた せいし)
MUSIC COMPOSED BYSeiji Toda (とだ せいじ)
SENIOR PROGRAMMERYoshiaki Sakaguchi (さかぐち よしあき)
CO‑PROGRAMMERHiromi Sato (さとう ひろみ), Takatsugu Watanabe (わたなべ たかつぐ)
ECL PROGRAMMERMasayuki Hirashima (ひらしま まさゆき), Masato Kobayashi (こばやし まさと), Yukihiro Goto (ごとう ゆきひろ), Hideyuki Furuhashi (ふるはし ひでゆき)
MUSIC PROGRAMMERHironari Tadokoro (たどころ ひろなり)
MUSIC CODERYoshiyuki Ishii (いしい よしゆき)

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