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Quattro Sports (NES)

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Codemasters were best known in Europe for budget computer games at this time. Two of the most successful were Pro Tennis Simulator and BMX Simulator, which both appear in this collection with minor differences (and the same cover illustrations).

The illustration for Soccer Simulator is taken from 1st Division Manager. The picture features managers Brian Clough and Graeme Souness in the background, and players Gary Lineker, John Barnes and Paul Gascoigne in th front - all five of whom licensed games for other companies..

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Quattro Sports for the NES was available in two different formats, the first was a regular cartridge, and the second was a compact cartridge which required the Aladdin Deck Enhancer. The idea behind the compact cartridges was to take circuitry that was common to all NES cartridges and remove it placing it in the Deck Enhancer, leaving the game cartridge containing only parts that were unique to each game (mainly the game code.) Since the game cartridge now contained fewer parts, the manufacturing cost (and thus the cost to the consumer) was to be lower. To play the game you would plug the compact cartridge into the deck enhancer which would form a complete NES cartridge which could then be used in the normal fashion. Very few games appeared in compact cartridge form (seven total, including Dizzy the Adventurer which came with the Deck Enhancer. All of these games were by Codemasters, who also invented the Aladdin Deck Enhancer.)

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