Rambo Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
John Rambo’s Bio at the start of the game.
A bit of breaking the 4th wall.
The Army’s hanger. No fighting here just setting up the plot.
What no fighting, me don’t understand.
Flying out to Vietnam.
Ok, jump over bee and duck under tiger, got it.
Meeting Co for the first time.
Typical male.
Boat ride across to the POW camp
The swamp. I never knew that flamingos were so vicious. Note the S at the bottom of map; use this to go down a level.
Help! Been chased by birds.
Rambo saving kids, what a nice guy.
Fighting the kickboxing guards. So much for “don’t engage the enemy”.
Rescuing a POW. So much for “don’t rescue any POW’s”. I wonder if Rambo listens to anything anyone says.
You, shot, me, why me?!?
Navigating the cliff edge with falling rocks. Never a dull moment with Rambo.
Password and stats screen, access this when talking to people.
Password entry screen.