RoboCop (NES)

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (25 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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Para combater os criminosos de Detroit (EUA), uma empresa, a O.C.P., devolveu à vida um policial assassinado, usando seu corpo e dotando-o de cérebro e membros eletrônicos. Assim nasceu Robocop. Impiedoso com marginais, há apenas uma restrição em sua programação: a Diretiva 4, que o impede de atacar membros da O.C.P.
Je réitère l'observation faite plus haut: ce n'est pas un jeu banal, contrairement à ce que ses détracteurs voudraient nous faire croire, ni un de ceux qui mériteraient de finir dans ces programmes où l'on s'amuse à démolir, verbalement ou autre, de vieux jeux. Il est concis, il a ses mauvais côté, mais il se joue avec plaisir et en donne plus encore en y rejouant, une fois la maîtrise acquise, signe toujours révélateur. Et puis il possède et demande une certaine intelligence. Des continus sont présents, mais ils n'aident pas vraiment. En venir à bout d'une traite est plus satisfaisant. Pour ce faire, il faut agir vite et juste, économiser ses armes pour certains combats à venir, bien gérer les recharges et la barre de temps. N'est pas super flic qui veut ! Mais RoboCop sur NES, lui, fait quand même bien son boulot.
Joystick (French)
Rarement un jeu aura été aussi proche d'un film. Généralement les adaptateurs se contentent, pour faire un succès, de prendre une licence sur une vedette genre James Bond, d'y coller une arcade minable avec une belle jaquette et ça suffit pour ramasser plein de fric! Cette fois-ci, pas de problème de ce genre: si vous avez aimé le film, vous aimerez le jeu parce que, entre autres, vous aurez l'impression de vous trouver dedans.
Just Games Retro
The game Robocop has you heading through various levels of Detroit and following along with the movie's plotline. Numbers of enemies will chase and attack you, and you will either punch them or blast away with your weapons. At the end of the levels, you will fight a boss. Between some levels there is a mini-game where you shoot at targets to earn energy and lives, but there's not any variation beyond that. Robocop follows a classic formula, so what's important is to see if it works.
Pour son premier programme sur cette console, Ocean a eu l'excellente idée de réaliser une conversion de l'un de ses plus grands succès. Hélas ! ce programme est nettement inférieur aux versions micros. Le graphisme et l'animation ne sont pas particulièrement brillants mais, surtout, l'action est très répétitive. Seules des séquences de tir sur cible viennent rompre la monotonie du jeu. Robocop est bien loin d'égaler les grands jeux de cette console.
All Game Guide
RoboCop isn't a terrible game, but it's not great either. It lies somewhere slightly above average because of the good use of style in cinemas and the license, but otherwise there is nothing more than base play mechanics with a license attached, with nothing in the way of innovation or features to set it apart from others. RoboCop will appeal merely to fans of the license looking for a decent action title, but won't impress anyone with so many better titles available.
The Video Game Critic
Robocop's graphics are better than average, and the city skylines are particularly impressive. Brief cut-scenes between stages show Robocop striking various poses, and the first one is unintentionally hilarious. He's supposed to be talking, but the way his bottom lip quivers, it looks more like he's about to break down and cry! The game is generally fun, but a few annoying glitches hinder you from performing simple actions like punching a wall or exiting an elevator. I also hate how Robocop's energy is always running low. It's a real drag when you're totally kicking ass and suddenly Robocop keels over due to a lack of energy. The sound effects are minimal, but the game's theme song is terrific and hard to get out of your head. Though uneven, Robocop serves its purpose as a standard crime-fighting side-scroller.
I remember getting this game for my tenth birthday and feeling a little disappointed because all of my other friends got a Power Glove just a month prior for Christmas. This game hasn’t survived the years well, but it most assuredly survived better than the Power Glove. Looks like I got the last laugh on that one. Either way, Robocop is the lesser of the two evils and by no means the best movie game on the NES or for the franchise for that matter. If you want a true Robocop experience, play the original arcade game, which this one attempts to imitate and falls flat on its face. Do what Robocop says and “stay out of trouble” this game is a waste of time and patience. Thank you for your cooperation.
Mean Machines
Oh dear, oh dear, what a disappointment. With the success of the movie and the original game, you'd think a console version could be just as good, if not better. Wrong! The graphics are dull and drab, and the sprites jerk and flicker about the screen like ghostly puppets. Robocop himself slides about like a metallic Michael Jackson, and would more than likely make any crook laugh to death rather than quiver in his boots. The main title theme is enough to have you reaching for the volume in seconds, and the minimal pops and phuts do nothing to enhance the atmosphere any. Leave this one on the shelf.
None of the above factors mattered to me as a kid, though. The game featured RoboCop and that was good enough for me. I never realized it, but I was more in love with the brand than I was with the game itself. One could argue that such adoration is what the publishers were counting on to drive sales, rather than solid game design. I can't say for a fact that such was the case with RoboCop, but everything I experienced suggests that it was. Thanks to its lacking stage designs and uninteresting combat, RoboCop is a dull, repetitive trudge that does its source material no justice.
Hardcore Gaming 101
A few control problems can be ignored if the game is fun. However, Robocop is not. Frustratingly difficult fighting scenes are followed up by difficult boss/hostage negotiation scenes. The poor control sure won't make this game seem any less tedious than it is, either. Get the game or the ROM, if not for the game, at least listen to the music. (OK, I REALLY REALLY like the music, so I mentioned it 12093 times in this review. So sue me).