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NES version

North American Title Screen
Japanese Title Screen
Planet Altile before the invasion
The ZEDD lands on Altile
Rocks are no match for bombs
A power-up discovered inside of broken pillars
This vicious snake is one of many minibosses
Stairs lead into the underworld
The underworld is dark and dangerous without a lamp.
Underground, the flashlight reveals power-ups and the exit
Inventory Screen
One of two essential items for most levels: The chalice to stop the level from infinitely scrolling
One of two essential items for most levels: The key to the exit
Most items are found hidden inside obstacles or underground
After discovering the shop power-up and ending the level; exchange your medals for useful items
Water will certainly sink ZED...
... unless he uses a life preserver
Finding a hidden passageway at the top of the screen leads to a room of statues
Destroying these statues in a specific order will reveal goodies
The shield offers temporary invincibility
This level appears to be segmented
Blasting through packed obstacles
The thrill of explosion
Nothing hurts quite so much as one's own bombs
HELP... the "P" contains a well of hope (water) that destroys everything on the screen
This particular level is only one screen. Find the key!
Many of these blocks can not be destroyed. Many can.
The exit has been revealed at the end of this level
This two headed lion flies around avoiding your bombs
This level features watery canals and items hidden inside of them