Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Game mode select screen
Picking one of the 4 divisions for player 1, each containing 6 or 7 teams
Picking a team from “National Division East” for player 1
Picking a team form “American Division West” for the computer
Selecting the pitching roster. Can pick up and move players up and down the list.
Selecting the starting lineup. Can pick up and move players up and down the list.
Start of the game as the national anthem plays.
PLAY BALL. Start of the game
First pitch…
…and it is caught. The view from the left infield camera
Foul ball. The view from the right infield camera
A big hit to the outfield camera.
It’s in the air. A high hit to the right outfield camera
Somehow I think he missed the catch.
Home Run
The view from the left outfield camera.
While pitching the baserunners can be seen in little windows to see if they are trying to steal a base.
Game pause screen. Can change the line up or view the scores.
While playing the player can get tips from Roger Clemens.
Ok I don’t know much about baseball but I know 59 to 1 is a very bad score.
As reported by the BTV people.
The Regular Season Schedule calendar showing all the upcoming games in Regular Season mode.
Password screen for continuing in Regular Season mode