Sesame Street Countdown Credits


StarringJerry Nelson (as The Count)
Designed BySeth Meyers (Children's Television Workshop), Glenda Revelle (Children's Television Workshop), Billy Pidgeon (Hi Tech Expressions), Joan Ziegler (Hi Tech Expressions), Michael J. Riedel (RSP Inc.)
Programmed ByMichael J. Riedel (RSP Inc.), Keith Warner (RSP Inc.), Rob Brady (RSP Inc.)
Art ByJuan Sanchez (RSP Inc.)
Music ByRussell Ginns (Children's Television Workshop), Michael Artin (Children's Television Workshop)
Research DirectorErik Strommen (Children's Television Workshop)
Sesame Street Puppet Characters (c) 1991/The Count is a trademark ofJim Henson Productions Inc.
Program Content by/Sesame Street and the Street Sign are trademarks ofChildren's Television Workshop
Design, Programming and Digital Speech by RSP Inc.
Presented by Hi‑Tech Expressions

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