Shinobi Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen.
Stage 1-1 briefing: Ken Oh.
Here it all begins...
Shinobi can walk ducking to avoid enemy fire.
You must rescue those children.
Bonus stage.
Stage 1-2.
Watch out for those ninjas on the wall.
Your first boss, the fire breathing Ken Oh.
You must hit his head in order to defeat him.
Stage 2-1 briefing: Black Turtle.
Your enemies will come running faster than the ones in first stage.
Unlike the Sega Master System version, this game features only horizontal scrolling, not vertical.
Bonus stage clear, item received.
Those ninjas on stage 2-2 will only be hit at their legs.
Oh no, a ninja got you...
You failed.
Stage 2-3. Don't worry, you won't die if you fall in the water.
Those ninjas will jump suddenly off the watter. Duck to avoid their attacks.
Second boss: the Black Turtle.
You're dead.
Game over.