Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (NES)

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Written by  :  RussS (781)
Written on  :  Oct 04, 2006
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A short inventory crawl, with some nice touches

The Good

The game tries to capture the feel of the original Star trek with a mixture of ship-based activities and away team missions. When on board ship you are really given the impression that you are in control, being able to check on the status of the ship (although most of the positions never need checking).

The story plays out like a normal episode of Star Trek, complete with occasional 'witty' cats with various members of crew, and the obligatory summing up of the adventure at the end of the bridge. This is nice, though fairly sparse throughout the game.

Most of the game takes place on various planets, where a landing party of your choice beams down the planet to investigate. This section feels like an rpg of the time, such as Zelda, where the tasks mostly revolve around collecting item A, and trading it for item B. This repetition is broken up through occasional action, and the necessity of choosing the right landing party member for the right task.

The graphics are a mixed bag. There is a nice animated introduction, emulating the opening sequence. The on board ship graphics are also done fairly well (though the bridge characters are too cartoony compared to the cut-scene animations).

For an early machine such as the NES this is a fairly well presented game, which does echo some of the feel of the programme.

The Bad

The game does fall short of actually capturing the spirit of the show, as it relies too heavily on inventory swapping, rather than showing the characters to have any real personality. There is only one way to complete every activity, which is generally made clear through hints given whenever anything is picked up, or characters spoken too.

Choosing your away team is a nice touch, but has the downside of only allowing three members to a team, with different tasks on the planets requiring different team members, resulting in constantly beaming up and down with different crew. This is further worsened by not being able to skip the lengthy beaming animation.

The planetary graphics are nice and convey the convey a large planet, but all the characters on the planet are hollow and only ever want one thing to help you progress. Plus anything on the planet of any significance is always used in the story, making it easy to tell what to do.

Starship combat (I only encountered this once) was confusing, and required killing things, something at odds with the planetary missions.

The Bottom Line

Looks and plays like an early simplified version of the later PC 25th anniversary game. As such doesn't feel quite as smooth.

Still an enjoyable if short and easy game, good for a Trekkie looking to play a quick dash of the original series.