Super Mario Bros. 2 Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
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Starting as a princess
Wow, mighty princess! Watch out, birdie!
This bomb will destroy all the creatures in the area
Crossing a waterfall
Secret level
Bonus level
Pacin' on the clouds
Boss battle
In this game, hopping on an enemy doesn't squish them.
Little Mario in Sub-Space
This game has some very vertical areas.
Squat down to charge up...
...and jump much higher!
Luigi vs Birdo
Stage intro
Princess carrying a Pidgit on a magic carpet
Take the key from within the jar...
...and Phanto will hunt you down.
Play a slots game between levels to earn lives.
Toad rides a fish over a waterfall.
Welcome to the desert
Sinking in quicksand
Not quite Dig-Dug
Taking a rocket
Thar be whales in 4-2!
...Sonic? Nah.
Luigi takes a long ride on a short egg.
Traveling between towers
Arrange blocks to make a path up
The bomb-throwing Mouser
Flame boss
Rock-throwing crab boss
It's the only way to traverse this stage
Quite hard to avoid sparks
Ow, that's an unexpected enemy!
Hello Wart!
Iconic scene... hey, was it all just a dream?