Written by  :  Alex Mills (3)
Written on  :  Aug 01, 2004
Platform  :  NES
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Simply Flawless 10/10!

The Good

I must say that when playing this game, you almost forget there is a controller in your hands. Not by it being realistic, but because the control is simply amazing. I don't know if I have played a game since that has controlled this perfectly. Everything that you're trying to make Mario do, he does. No complaints. The graphics at the time were truly jaw dropping. It had some of the coolest items and power-ups in any game. The Tanooki suit is a personal favorite. The challenge level is a perfect balance, the game starts off relatively easy, allowing you to learn the basics, and then eventually you will be throwing your controller at how difficult it can be. But at the same time, you're loving the game.

The Bad

Are you kidding me? This is Super Mario Bros. 3! There isn't anything wrong with it!

The Bottom Line

Please do yourself a favor and play this game for five minutes. That is all you will need. After five minutes, you will find yourself up at 2 AM bidding on an NES on eBay. It's just that great.