Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES)

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Written by  :  Jim [email protected] (3)
Written on  :  Apr 01, 2008
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The wrong Tarot for gamers

The Good

There are some interesting psychedelic sound and graphic effects during the card shuffling routines. However these effects may be dangerous to those prone to seizures while watching Pokemon cartoons.

The Bad

I think I should point out a certain irony of this so-called "game" There actually is an underlying game with Tarot cards! The Tarot was originally created for playing a card game similar to Spades. Fortune telling with Tarot cards only began to be practiced centuries after the creation of the deck. Tarot card games are still played today in France, Italy and central Europe. However Tarot card games are not well known in the US or in most countries outside Europe so the only concept we have of Tarot is of the fortune telling practices. The whole concept of this Taboo "game" being marketed to a gaming demographic is based on cultural ignorance, on the false idea that fortune telling is the only possible "game" with Tarot cards. I am not anti-occult, but as a gamer I feel cheated by this concept.

If you think the concept is misguided, the execution of it is worse. There are grammatical bugs all over the place. The results of the Tarot readings are often incomprehensible. I should also mention that the Tarot deck used for the readings has no aesthetic appeal at all. These cards are so bland they are easily upstaged by the card shuffling routines. I realize that the NES was an old 8 bit system but when one examines the beauty of the graphics in a vintage title such as The Legend of Zelda, it becomes apparent they were capable of producing a better looking set of cards. This electronic implementation of the occult Tarot offers no advantages at all over its cardboard counterpart.

The Bottom Line

Taboo is a bug riddled simulation of Tarot card reading. It is not really a game in the more conventional sense of the word. The concept is poorly executed. Those interested in Tarot reading are best advised to use their money to purchase their own Tarot decks to achieve a more satisfying divination experience.