The Terminator Credits (NES)

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The Terminator Credits


Produced byChris Robertson, Alan Blouin, Rory Armes, Paul Wilkinson
Executive ProducerIan McGee
Associate ProducerLinda C. Norton
Business Group Senior Vice PresidentMark Beaumont
Product Marketing AssistantDebra L. Miliken
Quality AssuranceKen George, Wi Kian Tang
Technical SupportLarry Coffey, Kevin P. Costello, Stephen Feaster, Milton Hodges, Christopher R. Kosel, David Locke, Douglas J. Valente
Technical Support ManagerDave Buoncristiani
Senior Vice President / Chief Technical OfficerDavid P. Grenewetzki
Marketing Project ManagerJulie Lippold Stier
Graphic DesignJudy Ringseis, Leanne York
Technical WriterAnne O'Brien
Copy WriterMichael C. Miller
TraffickingMary H. Eaves, Shannon Van Scotter
Creative DirectorLyza Latham
Marketing DirectorCraig Harper
Public RelationsTracy Egan, Doug Mealy
Legal ServicesTed Grabowski, Paul Jakab

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (17267) and Multimedia Mike (19808)