Written by  :  Multimedia Mike (19813)
Written on  :  Aug 05, 2005
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Why did they bother? Oh right, the money

The Good

Arguably the only thing to like about this game is that it reminds one of a much superior blockbuster Hollywood movie. Speaking of blockbuster, the Blockbuster video rental chain used to stock dozens upon dozens of copies of this title when it was released, likely anticipating that it would be a very popular rental.

The Bad

Alas, Total Recall is another in a long line of seriously disappointing video game adaptations of popular movies. The game lends the impression that the people responsible did not take the initiative seriously in the least. Just get the game out the door, ASAP. The graphics are uninspired, the action is just plain dull, the music is practically nonexistent. Indeed, this game actually made me feel cheated even though I forked over a very small amount for the rental vs. actually purchasing it. But still, an awful game can still upset you.

The Bottom Line

Just don't bother, okay? See the movie, see it again and again, but just spare yourself the experience that is this game.