Ultimate Air Combat Credits (NES)

Ultimate Air Combat NES Title screen


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Ultimate Air Combat Credits


Programming byDennis Caswell, Jeff A. Lefferts, David Ross, John Vifian
Produced bySteven Ackrich
Co‑produced byJoe Ybarra, Tom Sloper
Designed byChristopher Shen
Assisted byA cast of thousands
Graphics byPaul Watts, Karen Mangum, Bruce Krueger, Jean Z. Xiong, Sheryl Knowles, Kristin J. Mallory, Mimi Doggett, Jeff A. Lefferts, Dennis Caswell, Kristen Wigren
Music byRichard Miles Boogar
Additional music byMatthew Berardo
Sound effects byPete Mokris
Testing byKelly Walker Rogers
Marketing Support byKelly Zmak
Player's Guide byR.B. Cheek, L.B. Cheek
Player's Guide Design byLisa Norton
Screen Shots byPat Zmak
Special thanks to (in alphabetical order)Doug Barnett, Stephen L. Cox, Kelly Flock, Luis Rivas, Chuck Romberger, Matthew S. C. Sarconi, Tony Van, William D. Volk

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