Written by  :  WWWWolf (453)
Written on  :  Mar 07, 2005

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Canned and challenging action

The Good

The game graphics are pretty decent, some music is fairly catchy and definitely the music is appropriate.

The werewolf abilities are also pretty cool. Well, in theory.

The Bad

The controls *definitely* take some getting used to. The controls aren't very obvious and form a significant part of the game's challenge.

And in general, the game looks definitely, shall we say, generic.

The Bottom Line

Let me get the generic NES game plot template... scribble scribble. So there's this bad "scientist", who's making "big monsters" and stuff. And there's this "werewolf guy" who needs to stop him before he enslaves the whole universe with the "big monsters".

I'm a big werewolf fan, and everything with werewolves is automatically cool, so I obviously can't just say this game is bad. It definitely isn't *bad*. It's just not quite as good as it could have been; when I think of a game with nearly-inhuman super guys, I think of Batman or Ninja Gaiden, not this game, regrettably. Well, this is kind of like Batman except that the werewolf walks everywhere. Not very action-like.

It's definitely interesting for most purposes, and it definitely is a good way to kill a few moments, but it isn't quite a game that in this day and age inspires me to play it for extended periods of time. It's kind of cute, the werewolf actually has a tail so it's pretty cute too... but I wonder why they had to cram this cute thing in a Generic Data East Game?

This is kind of fun game on emulator with tons of save states and such, but I really don't play this that much on actual NES, even though I have the cart.