Who Framed Roger Rabbit Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Outside Eddie Valliant's Office... properly labeled
Your investigation will take you into random hallways...
You'll also need to rifle through people's stuff...
A ha! This man was hording a flashlight. Mine now, Police Business!
World Map.. Top View...
Gee, I hope I have enough money for dynamite.
Well, you're no help
Believe it or not, this is actually useful information. I don't have to search here
Roger's a Toon... he can be squished without guilt.
Caves are scarry and dangerous without a flashlight...
This monkey won't let me in the club!
Weasel Alert
Completing the joke and making the weasels laugh is Roger's only hope!
A locked door... now I need to go find a crowbar...
Benny the Cab is much faster than walking. Outta my way car!
A weasel closes in on our heroes. Roger leaps to the top of the screen and hangs on.
POW! Right in the Kisser!
Toon town is just like Hollywood but bright and zany!
Cartoon Buildings may look strange, but they're safe to enter
The room is inhabited by a pair of walking shoes
It looks like Eddie is down for the count
The continue & password screen
Inside the Ink & Paint club
Your P.I. work might take you out into the wilderness looking for caves
Strange Roads that twist for no reason but gameplay
Baby Herman makes an appearence offering advice.
Judge Doom's warehouse is locked up tight. You'll need your other objectives complete and a "special item" to get in here
More Zany road design