Wolverine (NES)

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Written by  :  ETJB (450)
Written on  :  Jan 16, 2010
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Reminds me of Silver Surfer for the NES

The Good

Wolverine comes from the folks at LJN and thus it was surprising to see that the game featured some impressive graphics and sound that reminded me (a bit) of the Silver Surfer NES game. It is much, much, much better than the horrible Uncanny X-men video game LJN released for the NES back in 1988.

It is nice to see some cameos from other X-men, although the help they provide is limited.

The Bad

The storyline is pretty much non-existent. Wolverine has somehow been captured by the Magento and Sabretooth. What do these two evil mutants decide to do with Wolverine? Well, dump him on a mysterious island with even weirder buildings and range of climate.

Comic book fans will find this storyline to be a bit of a stretch, particularly given that the game does little to keep the storyline going, not to mention the fact that whenever you punch with your claws, you lose precious health points.

Side-scrolling veterans will find it odd that this game does little to explain the storyline and features no bosses except at the end of the game. While the game allows you to punch, kick, duck and craw it makes you defenseless in water, offers sudden death for falling in certain water pools and obvious moves (i.e. using your claws to climb or grab onto ledges) are not available.

The game also allows the enemies to quickly deplete your health points, as there is no brief period of invincibility after you are hit. Instead, after you kill a certain number of enemies you go into a brief berserk/crazy mode where you are rapidly punching, kicking and are otherwise incredible difficult to control.

The Bottom Line

Wolverine looks and sounds similar to the Silver Surfer NES game, and is almost as hard. The game would have greatly benefited from some more abilities and moves, better hit detection, a more coherent storyline and maybe the ability to control some other X-men.