Written by  :  cinthya gomez (2)
Written on  :  Apr 19, 2004
Platform  :  NES

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The toughest Zelda release

The Good

This, I think, is the best Zelda game. It is the toughest of all Zelda games because you actually end up beating your shadow. I have 4 more Zelda games, and they took me weeks of once in a while play to finish them, but this one took me like 10 years, no kidding! (well, maybe because I got it when I was 5 ys. old, but EVERYONE in my family played it and no one could win it.) It requires thinking a lot, and understanding clues. NO tips and tricks from anywhere! It is an interesting story, and has the most original enemies and dungeons from all Zelda Games. I think is the perfect trama because you have to wake up Zelda, the original idea of the game; you don't go around for other objects that have nothing to do with Hyrule like the other Zelda Sequels. You definitely have to think a lot because there are things that have no clues actually, and without them you cannot move on, that is why it took me such a long time, cause i got stuck many times.

The Bad

It is the best game, no complaints, but the fact that you thumbs WILL HURT a lot, especially if you already fought with your shadow!

The Bottom Line

If you like adventure, Zelda games, and most of all best sellers with Nintendo;s Golden Seal, you WILL love this game!