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New Rally-X

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Sharp X1

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Arcade 4 3.5
FM-7 1 5.0
Sharp X1 1 5.0
Wii 1 5.0
Windows 1 5.0
Xbox 360 2 4.2
Combined MobyScore 10 4.2

The Press Says

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ArcadeAll Game Guide
New Rally-X could just as easily have been called "A Kinder, Gentler Rally-X." Gameplay and graphics are very similar, but the enemy cars have been dumbed down considerably, making for a more palatable gaming experience. Added to the formula are "lucky flags," which provide fuel bonus points.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk
In short, New Rally-X is a total waste of 400 marketplace points. It would be much more appropriately priced around 100 to 200 points. Namco’s lazy achievement structure and complete lack of a multiplayer mode kills any amount of replay value that this title may have had. While competing for the top leaderboard spot may appease some gamers, the single player game offers very little challenge and the repetitive nature of the gameplay rapidly becomes tiresome. The only gamers that may briefly enjoy Rally-X are the growing numbers of gamerscore junkies in existence. Save your precious points for original arcade content as this port reeks of mediocrity.
Xbox 360GameSpot
This isn't your father's Rally-X. OK, wait, it is. Don't be fooled by the name: New Rally-X doesn't mean the same thing that New Super Mario Bros. did. New Rally-X is just an arcade sequel to Rally-X, Namco's maze-filled driving game that was released in 1980. New Rally-X came a year later, in 1981, and it added a few things to the game to make it a little better. This game is now on Xbox Live Arcade, and it has received the standard Namco treatment, meaning most of the achievements are very easy, and it's an accurate emulation of the original game without any serious extras whatsoever. If you're tearing your hair out because there's no other viable way to play New Rally-X, then by all means, pick this one up. But there's not much longevity here for the average player.
Xbox 360UOL Jogos
Apesar do status merecido de clássico, "New Rally-X" é jogo rodado além da quilometragem permitida. De MSX à tela de espera do PSP, oportunidades para reviver bons momentos ou conhecer esse clássico da Namco não faltaram. Para quem já esteve nessa estrada, essa conversão para a Live Arcade é mais do mesmo. Se esse não é o caso, 400 Microsoft Points (cinco dólares) é uma boa viagem.
Xbox 360IGN
In all, New Rally-X is probably fun for the pure nostalgia of it. For new gamers who like old retro games it's also a nice way to get acquainted with one really old game that doesn't quite translate to the 21st century.
Xbox 360Digital Press - Classic Video Games
With achievements that can be can be completed in a day, complete lack of enhancements, and no online multi-player of any kind, this is a dubious Live Arcade release. It’s nothing against Rally-X which by itself is an enjoyable time waster. It’s when you’re paying extra for a game you already own that Namco goes wrong.
Xbox (UK)
As usual, it's pointless damning a game for being old, and hardly worth grumbling about an old game being sold at a cheap price. It's not really a question of whether New Rally-X is worth buying again (it isn't), but whether Microsoft is doing itself any favours drip-feeding games that hardly qualify for legendary status. New Rally-X is fun for about ten minutes, but that's all, and for the price that's just not enough.
Waarom wel: Wederom een kans om een klassieke game van Namco te herbeleven.
Waarom niet: Mateloos irritant geluid. De gameplay is te veel verouderd en boeit tegenwoordig gewoon niet meer. Toevoeging van savegames halen een deel van de uitdaging weg.