The New Zealand Story Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
High Scores
Leopard Seal kidnapping the kiwis
Welcome to Auckland
This horny little devil will kill you if you don't hurry up
Map of New Zealand
Boss #1
One of New Zealand's popular villages
Tiki is able to squirt water at enemies
Boss #2
The Waitomo Caves
The only way is up
Somebody's House
Boss #3
"I must be on the harbor"
The pirate ship
There are far too many platforms here
The Maze of Spikes
The Leopard Seal

Amstrad CPC version

The beginning
Tiki is killed off
Firing an arrow
Throwing a bomb
Rescued a kiwi
Riding a balloon
In the water
Squirting water out
Tiki seems to be having trouble breathing
If you waste too much time in a level, this devil appears

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Rescue your friends.
There's a friend.
Map of New Zealand.
Flying Action.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Second title screen
From the intro
Ready to start level one.
The starting location
Killing enemies for bonus objects.
I'm taking too long to complete the level.
Bombs can be useful.
I died.
Saving one of my friends.
Collect all of the letters for a bonus.
Swimming under water. Watch the oxygen meter.
The first boss
Inside the first boss
I can fly!
Arrows shows the direction.
Progress map

Commodore 64 version

Arrived in Auckland
A dude riding a yellow thingy
And Tiki managed to snatch it from him
Boss #1
This must be Rotorua's residential district
Tiki is riding some sort of bird
Released one of the kiwis
Tiki is riding a balloon
Look, it's Kermit the Frog shooting arrows at Tiki!
Boss #2
These two cats are obviously smart enough to use cannons
Boss #3
Taking a tour of a town
In a ship
The pirate ship
In a tank
The Maze of Platforms
A warning telling you that time will expire
The leopard seal

FM Towns version

Loading screen
Title screen
Settings, including for video may be chosen here
Kiwis having fun before the big bad one appears
First level, one enemy already defeated and I'm moving to get the fruit
Reached the level goal and rescued one of my fellow bird friends
Following the arrow with some technical help
Here I'm still without any means to fly, but I'm moving to change that
Boss fight
Various enemies in the next level

Genesis version

A kiwi in distress
Saved one kiwi
A field of rabbits
Home on the Range
Tiki riding a duck
Hey, Look! Isn't that Kermit the Frog?
Watch out for the spikes, Tiki
The devil appears if you waste too much time
The whale
The inside of the whale
Round 2.
The second boss.

NES version

"Get out of my way, soldier"
Rescued a kiwi
Map of New Zealand
"Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?"
I bet Tiki misses being in the forest
Tiki in the water
The whale's the boss in Auckland
The inside of the whale
I wonder who lives in the village
On a sliding block
Watch out for the spikes, Tiki
Squirting water at enemies
Watch out for the claw, Tiki
The second boss
Falling down
Tiki and the beanstalk
The third boss
Title screen (US version)

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Another title screen
Main menu
Intro, wait a minute... Oi, you on the left, put out that cigarette! You're supposed to be an endangered species for crying out loud!
Start of the game
Don't you dare throw that boomerang at me, buster! Can't you read, I got a chick that wants me to save her
To earn extra lives you can collect letters that spell out "EXTEND"
First boss: a pink frozen whale
I don't trust that underwater volcano thing
Waitomo Caves
No, you can't get my duck "vehicle", IT'S MINE!

SEGA Master System version

The kiwis get away from the leopard seal...
...only to be captured
Level 1-1
Don't waste too much time, otherwise the green devil will kill you
A kiwi is rescued from her cage
Map of New Zealand
Level 1-2
Watch out for those spikes
Level 1-3
Tiki comes from the forest pictured here
Swimming underwater
Squirting an enemy
Boss of Auckland
Level 2-1
Riding a goose
It seems Tiki is running out of air
Level 2-3
Level 2-4
Boss of Rotorua
Level 3-1
It's Kermit the Frog, shooting a fireball at you
Level 3-2
A warp tunnel located above Tiki
Level 3-3
Boss of Waitomo Caves
Dead in the water
On a ship
High scores

TurboGrafx-16 version

Round 1-1
Killed by an enemy
A kiwi in distress
Rescued a kiwi
Riding a balloon
Waste too much time in a level, and a devil will appear
Who lives in that forest?
Swimming in the water
Squirting water
About to run out of oxygen
Riding a duck
Inside the whale

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads ....
... its followed by the game credits / menu screen
Pressing K on the main menu brings up the action key screen where the default keys are displayed and redefined
The baddies throw flowers and kiwi shoots arrows.
Flowers dropped from above will hit the ground and chase Kiwi
Kiwi can shoot arrows while in the air
If Kiwi stays too long in one place without moving he's encouraged to get a move on!
Look out behind you! That flying thing is not good news
The furry baddies stayed on their platform. These drop off their platform and throw boomerangs at Kiwi
That looks like a door at the top right. Unfortunately the spiky thing is not a lift, it really is a spiky thing so its game over
When a life is lost the player sees this screen, though hopefully at a higher level. The game will not restart until the player presses a key. When all lives are lost its back to the menu screen