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    "With bone-crunching tackles and spectacular catches, there is no other football game like NFL Blitz. I love this game!" -Kendall Stewart


    Leave Reality Behind... You Won't Play This Kind Of Football ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

    NFL BLITZ is the NFL at its finest, featuring easy to run plays and unparalleled action, all in breakneck speed. With no penalties, no substitutions, and nowhere to hide, NFL BLITZ is more than a game, it's an NFL highlight film!
    • Fastest football gameplay ever, with easy to learn arcade-style play and simple point-and-shoot passing!
    • In Season Mode, you can play out the real '98 NFL football schedule. You might play in rain, snow or mud. And don't forget about those night games!
    • The Play Editor allows you to save all of your favorite plays to a Controller Pak! (just in case you've taken too many hits and can't quite remember 'em!)
    • Secret players, tons of power-ups and wild camera action will keep your adrenaline pumping!
    • Check this out! Bring your edited plays into local Arcades for use on Blitz '99! (Subject to Availability)

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 08, 2007. – Nintendo 64:
    If you enjoy the subtle intricacies of the game of football, or if you love the graceful artistry of a running back, then be prepared for a shock. Midway's coin-eating NFL Blitz is coming to the N64, and it is guaranteed to pummel you with extreme football action that borders on all-out war. Midway has put a fun, fantasy spin on basketball in the past with NBA Hangtime, and now it's giving football the same torrid treatment.

    Although NFL Blitz uses actual NFL players, teams and uniforms, that's about where the realism ends. Seven-man sides and an easy-to-use play-selection menu get you to the action faster than Kordell Stewart can yell "Hut!" Blitz bruisers can make 10-yard-long sliding tackles and leap 20 feet in the air to haul in Hail Mary passes. And no one has seen piling on like this since the days of the Roman Coliseum.

    Everything about Blitz is bigger than life, from the bulked-out size of the polygonal players to their over-the-top antics on the field. When was the last time you saw a defensive lineman pick up an opposing player with one hand and slam him face-first onto the turf?

    NFL Blitz offers two modes of play: Season and Arcade. Season mode consists of a full 17 week season, including playoffs and the ultimate battle zone: the Superbowl. The computer keeps track of your schedule and statistics, including rushing yards, passing yards, and sacks. Your computer-controlled competition becomes rougher and tougher as the season progresses, so don't feel too confident if you win the first few games.

    Arcade mode consists of a single game, which can be against the computer or another human. Don't worry about the rule book, just play football. Punch, kick, trip, and body slam your way to the endzone. There are no penalties to worry about, so play dirty. You must gain 30 yards to earn a first down, which should be no problem since your players cover about 3 yards with each step.

    One of the coolest aspects of NFL Blitz is its Play Editor mode, which allows you to create your own customized plays. You choose the starting formation, and then map the route of each receiver and running back. You can save up to 9 different plays, and you will even be able to take your Controller Pak to the arcade to show them off. Custom plays will work in Arcade mode as well as Season mode.

    Even though NFL Blitz focuses on huge hits and arcade-style game play, you still have to use strategy to succeed. Check out our coverage of the offensive and defensive plays to gain an advantage over the competition.

    If you thought unnecessary roughness was an unnecessary addition to the NFL rule book, then NFL Blitz is right up your alley.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on Aug 16, 2005.

Press Release:

    Midway Puts the Blitz on Competition
    With Early Shipment of NFL Blitz

    Nintendo 64 and PlayStation Game Console Versions
    Hit Stores Nationwide September 12,
    Sacking Quarterback Club '99 and Madden NFL '99 on Nintendo 64

    Corsicana, TX, August 26, 1998 -- Midway Home Entertainment today announced that it is shipping its highly anticipated football video game, NFL Blitz, weeks ahead of its expected release date. NFL Blitz for Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation game console will be available for purchase beginning September 12. Previously scheduled to ship on September 29, NFL Blitz will now hit store shelves prior to Acclaim Entertainment's Quarterback Club '99 for Nintendo 64 and Electronic Arts' Madden NFL '99 for Nintendo 64. NFL Blitz will be available on PC in early October and Nintendo's Game Boy Color in time for Thanksgiving.

    "Just as the new football season kicks off, we are meeting consumer demand by delivering NFL Blitz early," said Byron Cook, president of Midway Home Entertainment. "Anticipation for the home version of NFL Blitz started with the number-one arcade hit and has been elevated by strong press previews of the action-packed home version."

    Midway is supporting NFL Blitz with an $8 million marketing campaign, which commenced with national television spots and 2-page print ads running in the leading video game and sports industries' magazines. The new availability date will be advertised to consumers on September 7 during the broadcast of the first regular season ABC Monday Night Football game between Denver and New England.

    "NFL Blitz's multi-million dollar marketing campaign was designed to create demand for the must-have football game of the year," said Paula Cook, director of marketing at Midway Home Entertainment. "Even with the early ship date, NFL Blitz will arrive with a full-fledged marketing campaign already underway."

    Based on Midway's arcade hit, NFL Blitz is packed with everything fans love about NFL football, without the stuff to slow them down…No Refs. No Rules. No Mercy. The game boasts seven-on-seven football action with easy arcade-style controls in an "everything goes" version of the NFL. An officially licensed NFL and PLAYERS INC. product, NFL Blitz features all 30 teams, each comprised of seven of the best offensive and defensive players from each team. With graphically detailed tackle animations and killer artificial intelligence, NFL Blitz sets the standard for football video games.

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    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on May 17, 2004.