Written by  :  gozilla (76)
Written on  :  Sep 29, 2004
Platform  :  N-Gage
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
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FIFA 2004 may be shallow compared to Pro Evolution Soccer 3, but FIFA 2004 Ngage is a different story.

The Good

FIFA 2004 on PC and home consoles is a bad soccer game on it's own right, and when compared to Pro Evolution 3/Winning Eleven 7, it's a disastrous representation of the game. The PC/Console version attempts to play like a cross bread of an arcade footy-sim to a full force simulation and misses way of the par on both fronts. However, the Ngage version of FIFA 2004 is surprisingly good. Actually, go far as to call it great. Here there is no confused game mechanisms, there is only one style, and that's arcade. One good feature is the game retains FIFA's traditional "Pick-and-Play". The game has a very small learning curve, which can be mastered in less then half and hour. And as the user gains confidence and skill, they can adjust the difficulty for a more hard earned battle. However, the best feature in this game has to be Multiplayer,. and using the Ngage's Bluetooth capabilities, it couldn't be easier to setup a game between mates.

The Bad

There was really little I didn't like about the game, and the only flaw was probably with the Ngage design rather than the game, for you see, sometimes, under and intense game, my finger would slide of the direction pad and hit either the "menu" or "radio" buttons directly under causing the game to temporarily stop. Other than that, no completes what so ever.

The Bottom Line

Quite simply, if you're a Footy-fan (soccer in some places) and own a Ngage, what are you waiting for?? This game is not a true representation of the game, however, it's a damn fun representation of the game. It has simply play mechanisms, good graphics, excellent multiplayer capabilities, and a whole lot more. Unless a Konami ever release Pro Evolution Soccer for Ngage, FIFA will be the undisputed king of footy on Ngage.