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Marcel Desailly

Although a World Cup and European Championships winner, and hugely successful in club competitions in England, France and Italy, Marcel Desailly is perhaps best known for an infamous moment following Chelsea's 2004 Champions League semi-final defeat to Monaco. British TV Commentator Ron Atkinson, talking casually to his colleague Clive Tyldsley, remarked that "Desailly is what's known as a fucking lazy thick nigger", without realising that viewers in the Middle East (who could receive the ITV channel by satellite, an option mostly used by British ex-pats) could still hear his words. Needless to say, Atkinson never did media work again.

The incident was especially unfortunate, as during his managerial career Atkinson was notable as one of the first English managers to use several black players, and one of those, Cyrille Regis, commented that the reaction was unfair, as the word isn't as severe-sounding to the older generation.

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