Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen
Language selection
The game starts you off with a flying section.
Fast and furious combat
Rayman initially can hang from ledges.
Rayman also starts with the glide ability.
Monkey Bars
Bust open cages to free these guys.
The green can allows you to move these elevator platforms.
The red can lets you break wood doors.
Rayman drops in on a hoodlum hideout
The yellow can provides super-flying ability.
Rayman in the Swamp
Goofy Boss Battle
Guided Missile Attack
World's strongest video game character competition.
Not very inviting!
Platform Jumping
One of the power-ups gives you the ability to swing from rings.

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Bad guys in the intro...
Our hero!
Flying to freedom.
Red Orbs are good for everyone.
Where did my hands go!?
Run and jump time
Collect the crystals and get points!
Exploring the world.
Welcome to Clealeaf forest, Rayman and Globox!
let's sneak up on this hoodlum!
Andre transforming an other Red Lum into Black Lums
Of to the Fairy Council
The Fairy Council
The Teensies disco
Between the Fairy Council and Clearleaf Forest
Powerful fist power-up
Globox swimming Rayman on his back. Evade the fish.
The grappling hook
The witch Begoniax, a boss in the Bog of Murk
Razoff, the second boss in this area
The guided missiles power-up in Land of the Livid Dead
A magical tower
Battle my shoe
A mini boss
I have a feeling i have to fight him
The fight
Desert of the Knaaren
A Knaar attacking me
Deeper inside
The child-king of the Knaaren. Now I have to fight thier champion
Thier champion Reflux
Dual mini boss
The tree docters curing Globox
Andre and Reflux teaming up
The Longest Shortcut
A mirror room
A ship
Manning the canon
Snowboarding in the Summit Beyond the Clouds
Hoodlum Headquarters
High above the ground
The machine boss
Globox and rayman on a vehicle
Reflux, second battle, Round 3
Round 4
Round 4 on the ground, shooting hoodlums
Andre begging for mercy