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Spider-Man 2 (N-Gage)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Spider-Man 2 Credits

Backbone Entertainment / Digital Eclipse - Developer of Spider-Man 2

Creative DirectorBridget Erdmann
Senior ProducerLiz Stuart
2D Lead ProgrammingCathryn Mataga
3D Lead ProgrammingAllan Simonsen, Teo Hung Song
Technical DirectorDaniel Filner
Art DirectorsVictor Kalvachev, Kevin James
3D Levels: 3D ProgrammingAbdool Gafoor (Fardin), Vincent Ngai
3D Levels: ArtOng Ean Keat, Cheok Lilan, Patricia, Tan Wei Lin
3D Levels: AnimationOng Ean Keat, Cheok Lilan, Patricia, Tan Wei Lin
2D Levels: 3D ModelingNedyalko Nedyalkov, Enil Enchev, Ivaylo Seferov
2D Levels: 3D AnimationSofiadi-Lacsono Chacrawardaya, Nadia Petkova, Ivan Tepavicharov, Peter Todorov
2D Levels: 2D Texture MappingDimitar Rusev
2D Levels: Level DesignMichael Bilodeau, Joe Cain, Dean Lee
AudioYannis Brown
Associate ProducerKristina Academia
Executive ProducterPhilo Northrup
PresidentAndrew Ayre
CEOJon Goldman
ChairmanMark Loughridge
Special ThanksPaige O'Donoghue, Larry Kelly, Denise Kelly, Leigh Brown, Stephanie Peczon, Ken Schmidt
X‑Forge Software byFathammer

Nokia NGS - San Francisco

ProducerArthur Datangel
Production AssistantLeland Ware
Title Marketing ManagerAlice Lee
Business Development ManagerGerry Sawkins
Test ManagerMatthew Ironside
TestersPaco Youngel, Ryan Sindledecker, Nicolas J. Azizian, Darre Nagtalon, Eric Wilhelm
Special ThanksJerry Markota, Gregg Sauter, Foster Hall, Michele Hall, Jeff Buckingham, Brandon Crick, Jon Bruce, Trevor Kerslake, Todd Wilson, Lisa Ly, Joyce Takakura, Ryoichi Shiratsuchi, Gerard Wiener, Pasi Pölönen

Marvel - Marvel Enterprises, Inc.

Executive ProducerAmes Kirshen
Manager of Game DevelopmentAmes Kirshen
President of Worldwide Consumer ProductsTimothy Rothwell
Executive Vice President Consumer Products, Promotions and Media SalesRussell Brown
President of PublishingGui Karyo
Legal AffairsSeth Michael Lehman, Joshua M. Silverman, Carl Suecoff
Special ThanksAvi Arad, Ari Arad, Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, Chris Fondacaro, Tom Marvelli, Jeff Poulin, John Stires, Erik Diehn

Activision: Business Development

Senior Director, Business Development & LicensingDave Anderson
Senior Manager, Business Development & LicensingJustin Berenbaum
Senior Manager, Business Development & Emerging PlatformsJon Estanislao
Project Manager, Licensing ProductionKennard Love
Associate Manager, Business DevelopmentStacey Rivas
Associate Manager, Business Development & Emerging PlatformsStefan Makhoul

Activision: Legal

Senior Vice President & General CounselGeorge Rose
Director, Business & Legal AffairsGregory Deutsch
Senior CounselPhilip Terzian
Legal Administrative AssistantDanielle Kim

Activision: Marketing

Vice President, Global Brand ManagementWill Kassoy
Director, Global Brand ManagementRobert Kostich
Brand ManagerMichael Chiang
Associate Brand ManagerRoy Alojado
Administrative AssistantTiffany Everett

Activision: Corporate Communictions

Vice President, Corporate CommunicationsMaryanne Lataif
Director, Corporate CommunicationsMichelle Schroder
Manager, Corporate CommunicationsRyh-Ming C. Poon

Activision: Production

President, World Wide StudiosKathy Vrabeck
Vice President, North America StudiosDavid Stohl
Executive ProducerChris Archer
ProducerMatthew J. Powers
Associate ProducerSimon Ebejer
Production CoordinatorsKelly Byrd, Alejandro García

Activision: Quality Assurance

Vice President, Quality Assurance & Customer SupportJim Summers
Code Release Group ManagerTim Vanlaw
Manager, Customer SupportBob McPherson
Senior Project LeadJason Potter
Project LeadFrankie Kang
Phone SupportGary Bolduc
Email SupportMichael Hill

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (251656)