Worms World Party Credits


PresidentTim Walsh
Director of ProductionStuart Platt
Project ManagerChristopher S. Field
ProducerKarlo Kilayko
Assistant ProducerMatthew S. Lee
Additional ProductionDenise Pater, Neal Addicott
MarketingJeffery L. Nuzzi, John Lee
Test LeadRicky Castro
TestersTiffany Rodriguez, Geo Herrera, Andrew R. Garrett, Mary K. Myers, Timothy Harrison, Peter Kent, Michael O'Riley, Victor Gonzalez, Kyle Flick
Special ThanksTerrie Pflaumer, Erika Bodigheimer, Heidi Wolfson, Darrin Tonn, Sherwin Pao, Michael R. Kelly
NokiaGames Business Unit

Development Team

ProgrammingMaurice Sibrandi, Peter de Jong, Anders Norlander, Martijn Reuvers
DesignCollin van Ginkel, Hessel Bonenkamp, Laurens van Klaveren
AudioChris J. Hampton
ProducerPaul Bragiel
SupportMitri Bautista-Wiberg, Harald Walden, Björn Wennerström, Anders Nilsson, Vincent Leeuw, Gerwin Tromp
Packaging and TranslationApogee Communications
User GuideMark H. Walker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (173229)