NHL 08 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Title screen
Shoot out mini-game
Season calendar
Two philadelphia players
One-timer goal
Tripping gets you a penalty.
Empty arena after 1st period.
Shark's players try to block.
Goal from the faceoff.
Overhead camera view
Players after scoring
Player information screen
Players arriving into arena.
The referee starts the game.
Coach talking to the referee.
Some of the people watching the game.
Andy McDonald gets a penalty.
Dynasty Mode

Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Training minigame teaches the "skill stick" controls.
Shootout minigame.
Main menu for the Dynasty mode.
View your team's schedule for the season.
You can sim any dynasty game, or stop it and take over if things are going poorly.
Slap shot on the ice.
Telecast-style shots after big moments.
Replay of a goal.
Optional side camera.
Getting into a very plastic-looking fight. Mash the stick real fast to (maybe) win.