NHL 2003 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Pat Verbeek gets 2 minute penalty.
Main menu
The coach is not happy about this penalty.
So close, but it's not a goal.
Dallas forward lines
One Dallas player and one Montreal player ready for face off.
Players ready to start fighting.
Face off from broadcast camera
That looks painful.
Going through the center line.
Team finland arrives at the arena.
Team USA forward lines
Two team USA players
Face off at finlands defence zone
How can you miss that shot?
Safe behind the goal
Team USA player blocking team Finland's player.
You can create your own players.
You can view each players stats.
Loading screen, Dallas vs Montreal
Lightshow before the match begins.
Crossing the blue line.
Before the match starts, you will see best clips from other games with the team you selected.
Players ready to start 1st period.