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    EA Sports deftly rides the thin line that separates hardcore sim from arcade action in this, the first N64 version of its storied hockey game.

    The Quickstart option lets you hop right into a replay of the '98 Stanley Cup (Red Wings vs. Caps). The six modes are progressively more challenging, from Beginner (no coaching strategies, no line changes, no penalties) to a full-fledged Season, which serves up enough general manager options to keep you busy creating players, engineering trades and claiming free agents well into next summer.

    Thanks to full NHL and NHLPA licenses, the Pak boasts updated 1998 rosters for all 27 NHL teams. NHL players also appear on 18 international teams, including the highly touted Czech Republic squad and the North American and world all-star teams. Only NHL teams participate in 26- or 82-game NHL Season mode, which culminates in that springtime marathon known as the playoffs. Alternately, you can select Playoffs and immediately enter a series of one to seven games.

    Fans of international hockey can set up their own Olympic-style tournament in Tournament mode, which concludes with the world's four top squads battling for the bronze, silver and gold medals. In this mode, the action takes place on international-size rinks. Finally, Shootout mode pits solo players against a goalie.

    NHL 99 features all-new motion-captured moves by goalie John Vanbiesbrouck and center Mike Sillinger of the Philadelphia Flyers and wingers Markus Naslund and Donald Brashear and defender Mattias Ohlund of the Vancouver Canucks. ESPN's golden-throated Bill Clement provides play-by-play commentary.

    Accelerated gameplay offers more chances to score and a more realistic physics model allows the puck to glance off players in heavy traffic. NHL 99 supports fighting, including such classic moves as the hook, the jab and the haymaker.

    Play control is responsive. NHL 99 comes with sophisticated moves such as checking, backward skating and the colorfully monikered spin-o-rama, a 360 executed by the puckhandler. Offensive players can execute a one-timer to pass the puck to a teammate, who quickly passes back for a quick shot.

    Controlling all these moves takes practice. Righties will find that pressing the L Button to execute a spin-o-rama or block a shot is difficult. Fortunately, reassigning buttons is a snap.

    Compared to previous versions, EA Sports has enhanced the game's artificial intelligence. Goalies are smarter and all players go on hot and cold streaks, just as they do in real life. Marc Crawford, who won coached the Colorado Avalanche to the Stanley Cup in '96, developed new offensive and defensive strategies.

    The digitized arenas include such details as center ice logos, luxury boxes and championship banners. Conforming to the latest change in NHL rules, NHL 99 features smaller creases. Hockey tyros will appreciate the Instruction Booklet's detailed glossary and strategy information.

    Whether you're a rookie or a hardcore hockey fanatic, NHL 99 has the features and fun you'd expect in a top-notch ice Pak.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65883) on Aug 17, 2005.

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    Beginner Level - Pick up and Play!

    Coaching Strategies from

    Stanley Cup Winner Marc Crawford

    Commentary by Bill Clement

    5 Game Modes

    18 Top International Teams

    Updated 1998 Roster-Expansion Nashville Predators

    Rumble Pack and Analog Joystick Support


    Contributed by Corn Popper (69553) on Mar 23, 2003.

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    Ice Cold Intimidation

    NEW Mo-Cap Animations

  • Bigger bodychecks, harder shots
  • Show your power with the new shooting meter
  • IMPROVED AI and Puck Physics

  • Sharter goalies and players
  • NEW Beginner Level

  • Pick up and play
  • Marc Crawfard Coaching Strategies

  • New offensive and defensive zone strategies
  • Awesome 3-D Graphics and Sound

  • Supports 3Dfx, ATI Rage Pro, and Direct3D acceleration
  • SIX Game Modes

  • Perfect your plays before the big game
  • UPDATED Stats, Rosters, and Player Ratings

  • Including Nashville Predators expansion draft
  • NEW Multiple Seasons

  • Featuring multiple game suspensions and injuries
  • International Play

  • 18 teams and international rink dimensions
  • Play-by-Play and Color Commentary

    Head-toHead Modem & LAN Competition

    Contributed by Brian Hirt (10087) on Sep 21, 1999.