NHL Hitz 20-03

NHL Hitz 20-03 Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Here's the Title Screen...press start already!
HITZ gives you the option of playing a single exhibition game, an entire season, or linking up with a friend for some multi-player.
Choose your teams...
Figure out if you want to play in your building or theirs...
You can even choose between two jersey colors per team.
pick your players, which have different ratings in several stat categories based on their real-life counterparts.
Please stand and remove your hats for the playing of our national anthem...
Enough with the formalities, time to drop the puck!
He Shoots!
Big rebound!
A slap shot from the point!
between periods, you can check out how your team is performing statistically.
You can also switch up your team's offensive and defensive strategy if things aren't going your way.
Morris flattens one of Edmonton's finest with a teeth-rattling body check!
Get too rough, and you'll earn a trip to the sin bin...
Brodeur makes a tremendous save!
The Oilers enjoy the fruits of their labours in this instant replay.
Jarome Iginla catches fire, which is apparently a good thing in HITZ...
Think you're good enough? Pick your favorite squad and take them through a grueling 82-game NHL season.
Do well enough, and you might just get a chance to duel for Lord Stanley's cup...