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NHL Open Ice: 2 On 2 Challenge

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Arcade 1 2.5
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Combined MobyScore 1 2.5

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PlayStationGamePro (US)
If you love hockey and are fond of double-digit scoring and nonstop action, Open Ice is a definite must-buy. All others should drop this puck as a weekend rental. You won't get deked.
Like its arcade predecessor, Open Ice offers a host of power-up codes (provided in the manual) for such lighthearted, monotony-breaking modes as Big Head, Baby Head, Huge Head, Big Puck, Unlimited Turbo, Unlimited Check, Super Goalie, Baby Size Body, Increase Speed, and Fast Turbo Recovery. These options give the game a sense of character and add to the long-term replay value (especially since the game is easy enough to be mastered in minutes). With realistic hockey sims a dime a dozen on the Playstation, Open Ice is a welcome and refreshing change.
WindowsAll Game Guide
You can play the game with friends or just against the computer until you get bored, which probably won't be for a while. If you choose to enter your name, the computer will save all your game records such as wins, losses, ties and your winning percentage. If you like arcade-style sports games and roughneck hockey, then this game is could be perfect for you.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This wild, fast-paced, two-on-two (plus the useless goalie) puckfest is fun to play for a short period of time, but becomes pretty boring after a few games or so. If you like this sort of no-holds-barred sports action game, you can do better elsewhere. In particular, Wayne Gretzky Hockey for the N64, made by the same company.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
The game's biggest problem is that its play mechanics haven't evolved since NBA Jam. That there is no option for hot-spots as in NBA Jam Tournament Edition almost suggests that Midway is holding back for a sequel. Where are the individual player statistics? How about a create-player feature? Why is there this sudden feeling of deja vu??
The end result is that you don’t ever feel particularly involved in the matches, as they tend to unfold without needing any help from you. Add this to the nasty graphics and poor definition that cause the puck to be hidden for unacceptable periods of time and the whole thing becomes a rather confusing ordeal, instead of a fun experience. NHL Open Ice? Who gives a puck!
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Alright, so GT Interactive's NHL OPEN ICE isn't my cup of tea. But arcade-reared sports-loving kids are probably gonna eat this thing up because 1) it's got their hockey heroes performing outlandish maneuvers and, 2) it's an exacting replica of the coin-op beast. The rest of you? Well, you might find it a hoot too, for a few moments anyway.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Oje, welchem Esel ist es denn da zu wohl geworden? Dieses häßliche, unspielbare Etwas unterbietet den annehmbaren Hangtime-Bruder in jeder Beziehung – GTI wird schon wissen, warum sie nur drei winzige Screenshots auf die Packungsrückseite druckt. Während man sich auf dem Basketballfeld nicht zuletzt der einfallsreichen Dunks wegen die Bälle eine Zeitlang ganz gerne um die Ohren drosch, möchte man Open Ice sehr bald am liebsten eine Matchstrafe verpassen. Bully – und nach ein paar Sekündchen wirrem Puckgebolze zappelt die schwarze Gummischeibe meistens schon im Netz. Ob im eigenen oder gegnerischen ist dabei irgendwie egal; warum es überhaupt gescheppert hat, wissen sowieso nur die Design-Götter
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Hilfe, womit hat die NHL das verdient? Das auf Sparflamme programmierte Action-Debakel hat spielerisch weniger Gehalt als eine Schippe voll Eis. Das dröge Rumgebolze mit den zappeligen Bitmap-Figürchen ist nicht mal ansatzweise unterhaltsam, geschweige denn eine ernstzunehmende Alternative für Hockey-Fans. Ein entstelltes Regelwerk, minimalste Gegner-KI und hektische Zufallsaktionen reichen eben nicht.