Nick Chase: A Detective Story Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main menu
Felix Nick's fish
Chase's Office - envelope objects
Comic book scene transitions
Door puzzle
Crime scene finding evidence
Flashback - you must flip scene tiles to correct picture
Dr. Morrison's Lab
Dr. Morrison's Lab - Repairing the analyzer and preparing the reagent
Joe's apartment door
Joe the Scribbler's room
Repair Chest puzzle
Road sections puzzle
Comic book transition discarded membership card
Mini puzzle
Donnie's Workshop
Using Donnie's workshop to create a new VIP card
Developing film picture for the VIP card
Another Flashback - you must flip scene tiles to correct picture
Mckenzie's Office
Mckenzie's Office - computer access card
Found Frankie the Fatso's file and address
Dirty Alley
Alarm system puzzle
Frankie the Fatso's room using flashlight
Chase's Office - differences puzzle

Windows version

Loading screen
Even the Big Fish is dressed for the game.
Main menu
Opening story
My fish is hungry. I need to find him some food.
I guess I need to answer the phone.
Now I need to find 20 blue envelopes.
The story progresses in comic book style.
I am looking for evedence.
I found a button.
I used a hint
I need to click different parts of this scene to flip them to put the scene together.
I visited my doctor friend to help analyze the blood sample I found.
I made my informant break this so I need to fix it for him.
I need to put road sections in the empty areas so I can get from the left side to the right.
Door puzzle
Blood vial
Simon game with buttons
Filtered sample
Door handle
Joe the scribbler
Car gadget
Pipe Dream puzzle.
Membership card
Membership card jigsaw puzzle
Tracing over the signature.
Dark room
Photo development puzzle
The major
Safe combination
Steampunk computer
Circuit puzzle
Fatso's room
Finding objects by their silhouettes.
Motel room