Nicky 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Jumping on some enemy.
Jumping on hidden platforms.
Jumping over rolling spikes.
Mushroom enemy
Bear monster
Destroying a fake wall.
Tree enemy
Swamp level
Water stream
Bird enemy
Giant egg
Climbing the stairs.
Evil slugs
A fire elemental
Stone golems
Chest monster

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Game start
Negotiating this set of ledges is made harder by the ST's push-scrolling
Down I come
Using a ladder - that good heart is hard to find, by the way
On a moving platform
Bonus room - entered thru the teleport to the right
Watch out
The arc of the weapon allows you to kill some foes from an invincible posiiton

DOS version

Title Screen
Starting Position...
In catacombs...
Lifting to the surface...
You have broken through the wall to access this ladder...
You were teleported to the secret area...Teleport is near...
This ladder is hidden...
You have uncovered the ladder...
High Score Table
That goose in the title screen wasn't mere hyperbole... you get a flying mount!