Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Select darkstalker
Hsien Ko
First enemy - Victor
Spinning arms
Like a wrecking ball
Felicia attacks!
She is happy
Claws slash
Air counter
Spinning jump
Stunning attack
He miss robot
Use magnes
Morrigan vs Felicia - 2 icons of series
She is so proud
Chain blades vs big teeth
Werewolf avoids my attack
Air acrobation
Lord Raptor's coming! KO!

Nice effect
Sound wave
Death from above!
Special move - hands under ground

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Option screen
John Talbain the wolfman kicks off the intro against the full moon
A glimpse of the contenders during the intro
Character selection
The match-up
Felicia vs. Victor
Victor shocks Felicia
Huitzel the robot vs Bishaman the ghostly samurai
Huitzel vs. Bishaman, the robot uses his force field to block
Sasquatch body slams Pyron, a energy creature
Hsien-Ko vs. Victor
Demitri vs. John Talbain
Rikuo vs. Felicia
Donovan vs. Victor, Donovan summons a particularly powerful attack
Donovan vs. Victor, Donovan summons a snow spirit to help him
Morrigan vs. Sasquatch
Morrigan vs. Hsien-Ko
Anakari vs. John Talbain
High score board
Lord Raptor vs. Victor