Ninja Baseball Bat Man Screenshots (Arcade)

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Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Weird ball
Baseball inspired enemies, Volume 2
Baseball inspired enemies, Volume 3
Destroy the plane (boss)
Baseball jack-o-latern
Living engines
Ice Squid
In car
In Las Vegas
Living card
More weird enemies
Casino table
Kill the arcade machine!
Fight in the shadows
Deadly foods
Living fridge
Kick the balls
Ghost buffalo
On the road
Weird toys
Special attack
Baseball-inspired enemies, Volume 4
Mechanical alligator
Dogs are gangsters
Mafia's wars
Makeshift villain
Battle mess
Go to stadium
Boss is back. The end is nigh
The King Babe
Game Over
3-player co-op
Stage 2 clear screen
Bonus mini game
There are seven stages in total
Another bonus mini game