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Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade Screenshots

Windows version

The prelude tells the tale from the first infection in Mexico.
Main Menu
Loading Screen
Ken has a very small inventory...
Quick Time Events are the core of the game.
Even falling from a skyscraper doesn't bother Ken.
Using the fast swords to dispatch of some annoying bats while in the background the boss is waiting for me.
The slow sword is good for those heavy mutants.
No, I won't wear that outfit. I just wanted to show you that there is a great variaty available.
Rail-shooter-passages are also part of the game.
I'm dead - killed by a bunch of Zombies.
This zoom-in indicates the start of a Quick Time Event.
If you fail a Quick Time Event, the game rewinds.
Ninja vision shows important details - like those otherwise invisible projectiles.
Yes, of course like Dante Ken gets to ride a motorcycle - even up a skyscraper.
Driving through a mall killing Zombie. I hope the makers of that Dawn of the Dead aren't watching...
Yes, the game also features jump-'n'-run-elements.
Would be hot bride if not for those snakes growing out of her arm.
Day 3 - the infection rate of Tokyo is almost up to 50%.
Big ugly mutant, level 4
Run to "Arachne".
Some tips from game
Translation: Kill all infected (enemies)

Easy! Slash, slash, and... slash. :D
Slashing the opponents is quite funny.
Giant uses fire.
Moment of silence.
Ninja Vision - blue walls are VERY useful.
QTE - Right mouse button to effective kill a opponent
Fight in "Ninja Vision"
Another Quick Time Event in fight
Fight in flames. Great concept!
I hate bats!
Infected people with strange shields.
Climbing on falling floor
Run - build will destroy, is deadly dangerous
Blurred giant bat.
Giant spider, "Arachne".
Upgrading my ninjutsu
A battle with flying hydra on a plane in the night sky. Can it get better than this?
Ken covered in blood