Ninja Combat Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Fight the ninja's.
Coming at you.
You have a sword.
Three big ninja's.
Using your power.
Three more big ninja's to fight.
All the fun of the fair.
Big boss.
Under ground.
Another boss.
The big ones keep coming.
Boss' tornado form
Stage clear
Second stage
Damsels in distress
Transformation in enemies
Wrecking ball. No joke about "music"
Black and red ninjas
Vehicle with enemies
Next boss
Game Over
again, female enemies
Another boss
More dialogue
Stop the train :D
Muscle guy

Neo Geo version

Title screen
A portion of the intro screen
The game gives you a quick control primer when you start the game.
Your standard attack, after powerups.
You can pick up weapons that your enemies drop on the ground.
The special attack can be devastating against some characters.
Surrounded by ninjas and samurai!
Ninjas on a rollercoaster!
Oh, you're definitely going to hate that fat guy when you meet him.
Stage 1's boss isn't very impressive at first glance.
Hold down the A button to unleash a special attack... this picture doesn't do it justice.
After his arms are gone, he'll KNEEL YOU to DEATH.
Hey, it's that guy with the ninjas!
You're able to switch characters after a level ends.
Musashi tries to free damsels in distress...
So much for those damsels. Now you're in distress!
Musashi's charge attack is fairly impressive.
Level 2's midboss. Watch out for those guards of hers!