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Ninja Commando

Ninja Commando Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
The Story.
Select Player.
Mars Corporation Hideout
Let's kill ninja's.
Van full of ninja's.
Using your special powers.
Turned into a bird.
Into the hideout.
There's the boss.
Getting further in.
The big boss.
In another time.
Big plants.
More cavemen to kill.
One big caveman.
Wading through the water.

Ninja Commando Screenshots

Neo Geo version

One of the character profiles
How to Play
Mars Corporation Hideout
Using the fire attack
One of the cut-scenes in the game
The Primitive Age
Blowing fire out
Now that's a big caveman
I have no idea why the cavemen are worshipping me
The Egyptian Era
Attack of the Mummies
Hero turned himself into a leopard
The Japanese Civil War Era
Two giant Sumos looking for trouble
The Era of Three Countries
Three giant warriors with sharp shiny swords
Those knights are no match for my fireballs
"Good God!", gasped Gerald, "I've never seen a knight as big as you."
Turned himself into a dragon
Tanks Galore
Future site of Mars Corporation
The supercomputer that you have to fight in the end