Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
On the rooftops.
Climbing up.
Kill it.
Two to kill.
On street level.
The boss is in there.
Fighting the boss.

DOS version

title screen
intro (cont.)
yep, he's definetly the bad guy
level opening
fighting on the rooftops
The art of "Fire dragon balls" in use
fighting Dando "the cursed"
First boss killed
the obligatory "moving train" level
The "invincible fire wheel" art
you can have up to 2 "ghost" images helping you
The "windmill throwing star" art
Vs Baron Spider

NES version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
European title screen
Opening cinematic - Ashtar strikes a pose.
Opening cinematic - Ashtar learns of Jaquio's defeat.
The opening act
Fighting on the streets.
Unlike the first game in the series, Ninja Gaiden II allows you to freely climb surfaces.
Defeating the first level boss.
First act ending cinematic
First act cinematic, meeting Robert.
First act cinematic, close-up of Ryu's face
Traversing the top of a speeding train in level 2-1.
On top of the mountain in level 2-2
The direction of the snow shows the wind direction that you have to fight against.
The spider-tossing boss at the top of the mountain, where the wind is still furious.
Level 3-1 is fought at night, and most everything is dark.
Lightning occasionally lights everything up in level 3-1.
Infiltrating a castle at dawn in level 3-2.
Working up through the castle.
The boss at the top of the castle
In the fire pits in level 4-1
It gets even more dangerous in level 4-1.
Level 4-2 has a lot of underground water, which pushes you around.
Level 4 boss
Level 5-1, the spike dungeon
More level 5-1 action
Transitioning from fire in 5-1 to ice in level 5-2; yes, it's slippery.
The level 5 boss (Ashtar) -- but the game isn't over yet.
Level 6-1 involves graphical tricks where Ryu is obscured by slanted, crumbling buildings.
In level 6-2, Ryu busts into another castle.
Level 6 bosses-- the Kelbeross, also seen in the original game.
Starting out in the final level.