Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Goons to kill.
Some platforms to jump.
More bonuses.
Hold on.
The boss is in there.
Fighting the boss.

Ninja Gaiden Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
The opening sequence
European title screen
Japanese title screen
The end of the opening sequence
The first level
Fighting a large enemy
The story unfolds between levels
On to level two...
Don't fall down the hole while fighting this guy!
The stage 2 boss -- Bomberhead
Starting out in stage 3-1 against a pleasant lake and forest backdrop
More action in stage 3-1
Stage 3-2: Ryu makes it into snowy mountains
More action in stage 3-2
Stage 3 boss -- Basaquer
Stage 4-1 begins in the deep jungle
You make your way to a vantage point at the end of 4-1
Hit the underground rail tracks in stage 4-2
Continue along the rail tracks to make it into the tower
In stage 4-3, you start to make your way up the tower
More action in stage 4-3
Stage 4 boss -- The Kelbeross
Stage 5-1
More stage 5-1 action
Stage 5-2 puts you back in the great outdoors
More action in stage 5-2
Scaling the tower again in stage 5-3
Facing off with the stage 5 boss -- Bloody Malth
Cruising along the top of the tower in stage 6-1
Inside the tower in stage 6-2
Run in left side - typical to platform game, even hard as Ninja Gaiden
Fire Power
Lost boss fight
The Story
Act 1
First meet with strange girl
In "prison"
Too high for you?
On the ladder

Ninja Gaiden Screenshots

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Stage 1 Intro
Avoid the dogs!
Kill the ninjas
Use your sword
The end boss of level 1