Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

The title screen
Choose between single play, multi card play, check out the game records, or design your own map.
In single play, you can play through the main campaign or choose a map to play a single mission on..
Days of Ruin features 100 maps to play on.
The background story for the campaign
The earth lies in ruins.
The main character of the campaign, Will.
It doesn't take long for conflict to break out.
Another enemy vanquished.
The overhead map is where you move your units, create new units, and capture structures.
The first stage of most missions involves mustering your army.
Will is set on by raiders, but receives help from Brenner's Wolves.
Opposing infantry forces square off in an intense firefight.
The heavy guns take aim and fire.
You can look up info on the Commanding Officers involved in each mission.
If you aren't careful about how you position your forces, this might happen...
After you complete your mission, your performance is evaluated.
Brenner has no patience for those who prey on the innocent.
In single map mode, you get to choose the CO you take into battle.
In the design room, you can put together your own map to use in single play.
You can also change the color scheme of your CO's clothing.
Throughout the campaign, you'll meet new allies...and new enemies.