Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (Nintendo DS)

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Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Credits

Developed byBlack Lantern Studios Inc
DirectorMatt Raithel
Lead DesignerMatt Raithel
Puzzle DesignerDoug Hill
Lead EngineerAnkur Sharma
Additional EngineeringCharles Doty
Scenario ScriptersAaron Phares, Kevin Henson
Lead ArtistGary Bedell
Additional ArtJay Darnell
Lead QA TesterSean Cain
QA TestersJoshua Goeke, Bronson Cox, Chad Fender, Rob Raithel, Carson Underwood
Special ThanksHouston Brayton, Coby Utter, Ryan Baker, Sean Cain, Joshua Goeke, Andrew P. Bilyk

Black Lantern Holdings Inc

CEORichard Woods
VP of Business DevelopmentDerek McDaniel
VP of Accounting and FinanceTeresa Gloe
Director of TechnologySean Smith
Director of Audio ProductionNathan Lee
Director of Quality AssuranceNathan Lee
Casting ServicesResnick Interactive Development LLC
Voice TalentJB Blanc, Patrick Fraley, Tara Platt
Dialog CoachTodd Resnick
Dialog EditorsBrandon Hale, Matt Robb

Published by Dreamcatcher Games

Executive ProducerMike Adams
ProducerVasso T. Kontoulis
Project ManagementStefan Berger, Markus Reutner, Thomas Reisinger
Product Marketing ManagerDan Dawang
Art DirectorJay Kinsella
Graphic DesignersMark Ilkov, Esther Sucre, Sabine Schmid
PR CoordinatorSuzanne MacGillivray
Online MarketingTed Thompson
Web DesignTed Thompson
Localization ManagerGennaro Giani
Business DevelopmentStefan Berger

External QA

Quantic Lab CEOȘtefan Șeicărescu
Project ManagerAura Segorean
Lead Tester Gizella Bajko
Lead Tester Assistant Ioan Claudiu Todoran
TestersZoltan Vincze, Vladimir Danila

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