Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Nintendo DS)

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Written by  :  Big John WV (27250)
Written on  :  Mar 01, 2009
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Bare-bones adaptation of the TV show.

The Good

I have to admit I've have been a fan of Jeff Foxworthy for years and I have watched the show from time to time to see some of these college educated students loose to grade school questions, so I was intrigued when I noticed this game setting on the shelf and for $9.99, the price was right.

Well, first off and most importantly Jeff Foxworthy's voice is in the game and the quick quips that he snaps out when you get a question wrong or you take too long. The in-game intro is actually pretty well done, it actually looks like the TV show's intro. The questions can actually get you at times, I've actually lost games to what I thought were simple questions, so there is a bit of challenge there.

The Bad

Well, this game is very bare bones, it basically has nothing really much to offer than just answer questions, but there is a twist, there is no time-limit to these questions. At first I thought I had something turned on or off and aftering consulting the manual there is no time limit to answering them, so even though the questions can be challenging, you have enough time to look up the answers and advance.

The final question is actually a little bit of a challenge, but for the wrong reason. As opposed to the other multiple choice questions, the final one you actually have to enter the answer by spelling out the answer, but the problem is you have to word it exactly as the game perceives it, even though you can have the same answer, if you don't word it the right way, you still lose, so that is a disappointment.

Even though the intro is nicely done, the in-game characters are, well, a little strange. The kids, none of which are from the show, look like a strange sort of CGI graphics, giving it a bit of a feel of a low-level browser game, but the worse of the worse is Jeff Foxworthy's model. Jeff's model in the game looks something out of a Will Vinton Claymation special, even his mustache looks like playdough and it does kinda give me the creeps but make me laugh at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Well, this game is a bit of a mixed bag. While fans of Foxworthy or followers of the show may like this game, people looking for a good challenge will want to skip this. While it does offer some challenge, the absence of a time limit really hurts the gameplay and the weird CGI models add to the disappointment. Even though I have followed Foxworthy for years, I say skip this game and if you want to know more of the show and considered this game...just watch the show, you'll get more satisfaction and more challenge.