Backyard Baseball '09 Credits (Nintendo DS)

Backyard Baseball '09 Nintendo DS Title Screen


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Backyard Baseball '09 Credits

Backyard Baseball - Mistic Software

Lead ProgrammerChristophe Desplanches
Project CoordinatorMartin Vachon
ProgrammersMartin Vachon, Francois Faucher, El Mehdi Benzit, Fabian Schrayer
Trainee ProgrammersThomas Félix, Pierre-Vincent Bélisle
Lead Graphic ArtistsStéphane Yilmaz
Graphic ArtistsHugo Au, Vladimir Dergachov, Stéphane Noel
Trainee Graphic ArtistsSimon Labreche, René Oculi
DesignerMartin Vachon
Special ThanksFrance Cameron, Jacques Sarremejeanne, Zoé, Elliot, Maryse, Anne‑Laure, Valentin, Constance, Noémie, Jared, Lily, Paolina
Studio ManagerFrédéric Bibet
Studio ProducerFrédéric Bibet
PresidentChristophe Comparin
MusicAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
SfxAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson

Humongous, Inc.

Executive ProducerSkip Saling
Creative DirectorErik Haldi
Game DesignerBob Givnin
Voice TalentBob Givnin
ProducerAimee Paganini, Melissa Heidrich
CEOFrederic Chesnais
Co‑PresidentsAlyssa Walles, Lauren Schechtman
CFOMichael Rouette
Marketing DirectorPenny Schenk

Additional Content

Character DesignRafael Calonzo Jr.
Intro DesignRafael Calonzo Jr.
AnimationRafael Calonzo Jr.
Intro AnimationTom Witte
3D ArtGameBrains Inc.
"Get Together"Christopher Ballew (Written; Performed; Recorded and Mixed by - from The Presidents of the United States of America)

Atari, Inc.

Manager of Publishing SupportEzequiel Nunez (Chuck)
Senior Management Strategic RelationsCecilia Munoz
Manager Engineering Services and Compatibility LeadDavid Strang
QA Project LeadJason Kausch

RelQ Testers

Delivery ManagerS. Venugopal
Group LeadBalaji S V
Test LeadAshwin Clitus D'Silva
Supporting Test LeadSupriya Rao
TestersBadri Narayanan, Vinod K S, Nirjen Sharma, Jayashima K V, Poovaiah A. A.
Special ThanksSteven Bercu
MLBMichael Napolitano, Colin Hagen, Christine Buckley, Howard Smith
MLBPAEric E. Rivera, John Olshan, Richard White

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65445)