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    Bomberman Land Touch! is coming out for the Nintendo DS™ and this version will soon prove to become a perennial favorite among game enthusiasts. There are essentially two games in one as the game has a single-player story mode as well as the classic multiplayer mode.

    In the Story Mode, explore Bomber Island, a pirate theme park, with the stylus. Touch the area where you want to move and your Bomberman will go there. You can explore at different speeds depending on where you touch. Bomber Island is comprised of four zones. Spade Zone is a port city. Diamond Zone is mountainous. Club Zone features jungles and deserts. Heart Zone is filled with aquatic vistas.

    Your explorations will inevitably lead you to one of 36 different one-to-four-player mini-games. One game asks you to fish for bombs by drawing "lines" with the stylus from a boat to a designated color of bomb. Another challenges you to blow out lit fuses through the Nintendo DS'™ mic. Most mini-games take advantage of both screens, enhancing the action.

    Every time you complete a mini-game, you earn a piece. Pieces open gates all over Bomber Island. By opening gates, you can reach new places. Completing a mini-game in Story Mode also unlocks the mini game in an Attractions Mode, where you can later replay all unlocked games either by yourself or with friends. With DS Download Play capability, you only need one Bomberman Land Touch! cartridge for up to 4 people.

    Hudson also included classic multiplayer Bomberman, which we enhanced for the Nintendo DS™! Battlefields stretch from the top screen to the bottom screen. Travel between screens through tunnels, and watch out for fire you aren't expecting. The traditional game also carries various stages and game options to bring out the best in people.

    In "crown battle" mode, players try to be the first to bomb their way from the bottom screen to the top and retrieve a crown. "Full-power crown" mode only enhances the madness, often yielding exhilarating rounds that last under 30 seconds. In "lotsa items" mode, players try to be the first to reach the center of the screen through a barricade, where an abundance of power-ups await. In "blocks" mode, players use bombs to "paint" and try to cover as much of the battlefield floor with their color.

    You can play via the Bomberman Battle Pack which allows you to battle with up to eight people and now with the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, you can play with anyone anywhere! Connect with friends over the Internet and challenge them anytime with Friend Codes. There are player ratings according to skill level; play well and you'll be awarded the "Diamond" title, extremely good players have the "Gold Medal" title, and playing poorly earns you a frog title.

    Bomberman Land Touch! for the Nintendo DS™ is worth every penny and will be loads of fun for a long time. The game is unique in practically any mode you choose; you just can't go wrong.

    Contributed by DreinIX (9499) on May 25, 2008.